AC312 is an intermediate class (4 ton class) twin engine, multi-purpose helicopter with a single rotor and fenestron. It complies with CCAR29 specifications regarding visual flight rules (VFR) and instrument flight rules (IFR), and has a CCAR29 Category A certificate. AC312 can fly day and night through complex weather patterns. Powered by two French or Chinese engines with 531kw of takeoff power, it has a fast cruising speed, is highly reliable, and has a low operating cost. It can be used for passenger and cargo transport, law enforcement, tourism, EMS, S&R, aerial photography, and more.
Features Massively use of composite materials;
Flexible rotorhead system with 4 pcs composite rotor blades;
Low noise level;
Integrated flight display system;
Multi-purpose design;
Large payload, superior performance;
Easy maintenance, low operating cost. Capacity
2 pilots + 12 pax
1 or 2 pilot(s) + 4 stretchers + 1 med
1 or 2 pilot(s) + 2 stretchers + 4 meds