Civil Aviation

AVIC provides a large portfolio of advanced fighters, trainers, transporters, helicopters, UAVs and airborne weapons for global defense market.

AVIC is a major OEM of civil aircraft in China, including regional passenger aircraft, general aircraft, and helicopters. AVIC is also a global supplier of inferior systems and aero-structure.

With solid expertise in diversified R&D and manufacturing, AVIC provides a wide range of conventional and intelligent products for global market, especially in automotive, electrics and electronics, and civil UAV systems.

AVIC provides a series of service for aviation related projects,including consultant, supervision, construction, operation, and financial services.

  • Commercial Aircraft

    The MA series of turbo-prop regional aircraft is a choice of competitiveness for its high performance, airstrip adaptation and cost effectiveness.

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  • General Aircraft

    AVIC General produces a variety of general aviation products including business jets, multi-purpose airplanes and private aircraft. The products are used in transportation, industry, agriculture, emergency rescue and tourism.

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  • Civil Helicopters

    AVIC produces a new generation of civil helicopters, including 13-ton AC313, 7-ton AC352, 4-ton AC312, and 2-ton AC311.

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  • Aerospace Systems

    AVIC Cabin Systems(ACS), headquartered at London, has been established at Farnborough Airshow at July 2018. ACS products cover most interior market segments, including being a provider to major OEMs like Boeing and Airbus.

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